Radisson Ale House

Syracuse Trivia presents trivia night @ the Radisson Ale House located at the Radisson Greens in Baldwinsville Every Wednesday night!

  • Trivia begins at 7:00pm on Wednesday get there early for seating and sign ups
  • It’s FREE to play, and there are $100 in PRIZES every night! (Seriously? Yes.)
  • The format is team trivia, teams can be between 1-7 people
  • General knowledge questions on lots of subjects, there’s something for everyone!
  • Bookmark this page and check back for weekly results, themes and other promotions including tournaments

Still have questions? No problem, send us an email! SyracuseTrivia@gmail.com

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10/22 Free Answer

If the X-Files taught us nothing else, and it's possible that they didn't, it's that the truth is out there.  Indeed we have a few truths to share with you this evening, come learn all about it at trivia night...

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Cowboys"

The clock is ticking, make sure you get done everything you need to today so that you can make it to the game on time!

10-15-14 Results

Good to see you all enjoying yourself with some food, drinks, and trivia.  In case you missed out on this week's fun, an important announcement was made:  As always, the 8th week of the tournament with be "double points" night with each round being worth 2 and 4 points (instead of the usual 1 and 2 points), and bonus points for donating coins to the Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse will add 4 points to your score.  Rather than the final wager doubling to a maximum of 20 points, for the final wager on the final night of the tournament (week 8), you will be allowed to wager up to all of your points earned that night. 

Reminder:  Wednesday 10/29 is Halloween Costume Night and there will be additional bonus points available for teams with 50%+ of their team in costume.  (Must be a legit costume - no throwing on a baseball hat and calling yourself a baseball player.)

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Refugees from Ebola

1st Place: Refugees from Ebola

2nd Place:

2nd Place:  The Wet Bandits

3rd Place:  Radisson Rejects

3rd Place: Radisson Rejects

Tonight's Results:
1 Refugees from Ebola 56
2 The Wet Bandits 53
3 Radisson Rejects 52
4 Better Late Than Never 48
5 Morgan Squared 45
6 The Good The Bad and the Ugly 43
4 of a Kind 43
8 Rochelle Rochelle 42
9 Viking 41
10 Titanic Swim Team 39
11 Jaquars 35
The Racers 35
13 I Think I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 25
I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 25
15 The Corvettes 24
MT Nesters 24
Underclubbed 24
18 Parrotheads 19
19 Carpenter 3
Fall Homecoming Tournament
Current Top Ten Standings (after week 5 of 8):
1 Radisson Rejects 216
2 Better Late Than Never 165
3 Refugees from Ebola 161
4 The Wet Bandits 154
5 Parrotheads 146
UnderClubbed 146
7 I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 144
8 Viking 143
9 Morgan Sqared 141
10 Rochelle Rochelle 139

10/15 Free Answer

Objection #3- “I’m too busy/ I don’t have time to play trivia" We’re all "really busy". We got that way because apparently at one point we weren’t too busy so we said “yes” to some activities that have now taken up ALL of our time. So maybe it’s time to reevaluate those things that busy our lives. Whatever we’re doing from 7-10pm- is it really super important stuff? Are we making time for ourselves one night a week? Are we slowly going insane because all we do is work, work, work? Everyone needs a breather, and everyone needs to see their friends, lest they lose them. So if your friend says they can’t make time for you tonight, ask when they can make time for you… Wednesday’s Free Answer is: “Jim Brown” So DVR your show tonight, reschedule that conference call, skip the birthday party, put the schoolwork back in the bag for a couple hours and exercise your freedom to do what YOU want, and we’ll see you at Trivia!

10-8-14 Results

Hey hey. Here are the results from another fantastic night of trivia at the Radisson Ale House.  We just finished up week 4 of our 8-week tournament.  And don't forget, there will be bonus points for teams with the majority of its members dressed in costume on Wednesday, 10/29.

Our Winning Teams:
1st Place:  Viking

1st Place: Viking

2nd Place:  Radisson Rejects

2nd Place: Radisson Rejects

3rd Place:  Morgan Squared

3rd Place: Morgan Squared

Results for 10-8-14:
1 Viking 54
2 Radisson Rejects 51
3 Morgan Squared 49
4 I Like You But I Think I Might Have Crabs 42
5 The Cheaters 41
Underclubbed 41
7 MT Nesters 39
8 Rochelle Rochelle 34
9 Parrotheads 31
10 The Jaguars 30
11 Refugees from Ebola 29
12 Better Late Than Never 26
13 The Wet Bandits 25
3 Generations 25
15 Heinz 57 24
16 I Hope We Win Bc Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 23
17 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 22
18 It's My Birthday 20
19 Mary Janes 18
Fall Homecoming Tournament
Top Ten after Week 4 of 8:
1 Radisson Rejects 164
2 Parrotheads 127
3 UnderClubbed 122
4 I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 119
5 Better Late Than Never 117
6 Refugees from Ebola 105
7 Viking 102
8 The Wet Bandits 101
9 I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 98
10 Jaguars 97

10/8 Free Answer

You know what show is fun?  Jeopardy!  The only thing is that you get like 2 seconds to answer the questions, it's kind of impossible to keep track of your score, you don't have anyone you're really playing against and you don't win anything.   Trivia night however gives you time to think and answer, we keep track of your points, you have a whole room of opponents, and there are prizes. It's also free.  Which should you do tonight?

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Bingo"

We have a great show for you tonight, missing out means you're probably doing something less fun.    

10-1-14 Results

It's always such a fun time hanging out with you guys!  Did you hear my announcement at the end of the night?  I know it's only October 1st, but this gives you plenty of time to plan:  On Wednesday, October 29th, we're going to get in the Halloween spirit.  On 10/29/14, if half of more of your team is dressed in costume, your team will earn additional bonus points.  Plan ahead! Take a look below at tonight's winning teams, tonight's results, and the current tournament rankings.
1st Place:  I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab

1st Place: I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab

2nd Place:  Radisson Rejects

2nd Place: Radisson Rejects

3rd Place:  Parrotheads

3rd Place: Parrotheads

Tonight's Results:
1 I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 47
2 Radisson Rejects 43
3 Parrotheads 36
4 Underclubbed 27
5 Better Late Than Never 25
Morgan Squared 25
7 MT Nesters 24
8 Refugees from Ebola 23
The Jaguars 23
10 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 22
I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 22
12 Rileys Keepers 21
13 Rochelle Rochelle 19
14 The Wet Bandits 18
15 The Racers 14
16 Viking 11
17 Tuscany 4 10
Fall Homecoming Tournament Current Top Ten Rankings (after 3 of 8 weeks):
1 Radisson Rejects 113
2 I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 96
Parrotheads 96
4 Better Late Than Never 91
5 UnderClubbed 81
6 Refugees from Ebola 76
The Wet Bandits 76
8 Jaguars 67
9 Rochelle Rochelle 63
10 I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 57

10/1 Free Answer

Guys, it's a brand new month- never before has October 2014 rolled around, and I think it should be started off right with a night of trivia. If you agree then show up tonight with some people you like spending time with.

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Pancreas"

All that's left to do now is twiddle your thumbs until it's time to hop in the car, on the bike or just walk to trivia

9-24-14 Results

I'm gone for a week, and come back to you all telling me how much you missed me.  Awwww, thanks guys.  It was good to be back.  I had a ton of fun, and hope you did too.
Below are the pictures of our winners, the results for last night, and the results for our top teams for our Fall Homecoming Tournament.
1st Place:  Better Late Than Never

1st Place: Better Late Than Never

2nd Place:  The Wet Bandits

2nd Place: The Wet Bandits

3rd Place:  Viking

3rd Place: Viking

Results for 9-24-14:
1 Better Late than Never 45
2 The Wet Bandits 38
3 Viking 37
4 I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 35
5 Refugees from Ebola 34
Upper Deckers 34
7 The Corvettes 32
8 Just Add Hops 29
9 Radisson Rejects 28
10 Jaquars 25
11 Rochelle Rochelle 22
Parrotheads 22
Morgan Squared 22
14 Racers 21
15 The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly 20
16 Oldies but Goodies 18
Bunko Babes 18
18 Underclubbed 15
19 Bungles 13
20 MT Nesters 12
Top Ten for the Fall Homecoming Tournament: 
1 Radisson Rejects 70
2 Better Late than Never 66
3 Parrotheads 60
4 The Wet Bandits 58
5 Underclubbed 54
6 Refugees from Ebola 53
7 Upper Deckers 49
8 The Corvettes 46
9 Jaquars 44
Rochelle Rochelle 44

9/24 Free Answer

You know how you told yourself that you'd never grow up to work in a soul sucking office that demands all your time and energy, and that you'd always make time to do the fun things you want to do and now... ugh.  Buck the system, fight back, make a point to go out and play trivia tonight!

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Copper"

Now demand that your friends, spouse, coworkers, join you and start the revolution!

Results 9/17

Thank you all for allowing me to share in the Radisson Ale House trivia experience- I had a blast. Good luck on your tournament! Here are your scores:
1st Place: Radisson Rejects

1st Place: Radisson Rejects

1st Place: Radisson Rejects
3rd Place: Parrot Heads

3rd Place: Parrot Heads

Papi's Team 7 Bungles 8 The Racers 9 Company 2 9 The Upper Deckers 10 Alaska Does it Better 12 MT Nesters 13 The Corvettes 13 The Good the Bad the Ugly 14 Refugees from Ebola 15 The Wet Bandits 15 Better Late Than Never 17 Jaguars 17 Rochelle Rochelle 18 Parrot Heads 33 UnderClubbed 36 Radisson Rejects 38

9/17 Free Answer

Hey, I have a little thought experiment for you.  I want you to close your eyes after you are done reading this and for about 5 minutes try to assemble "the perfect day".  Really imagine each part  in order from waking up to falling back asleep... and see if trivia night makes the cut.  And if trivia was (somehow) not part of the perfect day you should still come play because it's pretty awesome, if not perfect.

Wednesday's Free Answer is "Air Force"

All that's left now is to close your eyes, zone out for a bit, then make it to trivia later...    

Results 9/10/14

Hey hey...another great night of trivia.  Below are the results from our 2nd week back in the swing of things.  Let it be known that now that you have had a chance to settle back into the routine of trivia, we will be starting up a tournament starting 9/17/14.  That's right 9/17 will be Week 1 of our 8-week fall homecoming tournament.
1st Place:  Better Late Than Never

1st Place: Better Late Than Never

2nd Place:  The Blumpkins

2nd Place: The Blumpkins

3rd Place:  Boomerang Gang

3rd Place: The Bean Machine

Full Results from 9/10/14:
1 Better Late Than Never 48
2 The Blumpkins 46
3 The Bean Machine 45
4 Boomerang Gang 45
5 Radisson Rejects 28
6 The Corvettes 27
7 Horse with No Name 26
Fluffy Gus 26
9 MT Nesters 24
10 Rochelle Rochelle 23
11 The Racers 21
12 Parrotheads 20
The Good The Bad & The Ugly 20
14 The Tornados 16
15 Don't Drop the Ball 12

9/10 Free Answer

Do you feel like a machine who just goes to work to pay bills, comes home to take care of all their possessions and responsibilities and then goes to sleep in order to do it all over again?  Well give yourself a break people.  Take time to enjoy life, go out and play trivia.

Here is a Free Answer for Wednesday: "Friday Night Lights"

Don't be a robot, be a human, have some fun when it's being offered for free! See you out there

9/3 Results

Well that was fun!  It's good to be back in trivia mode.  I hope you feel the same.  We are on schedule now for trivia every Wednesday at 7pm.  We'll give everyone another week or two to get their act together and get back into the swing of things, and then we'll start up a nice little tournament
Tonight's Top Three:
1st Place:  All About that Bass, No Treble

1st Place: All About that Bass, No Treble

2nd Place:  Radisson Rejects

2nd Place: Radisson Rejects

3rd Place:  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

3rd Place: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Here are the results for 9/3/14:
1 All About That Bass, No Treble 48
2 Radisson Rejects 47
3 The Good The Bad and The Ugly 44
4 Citizens for Deporting Bieber 43
5 99L 41
Fly In My Scotch 41
7 Rochelle Rochelle 40
Morgan Squared 40
Underclubbed 40
10 Corvettes 37
11 Arabian Sand Goggles 36
12 3 Generations 33
13 Parrotheads 21
14 Sarasota 17
15 MT Nesters 16
Jaguars 16

9/3 Free Answer

No matter what you're doing this evening, you should be playing trivia.  Deep down, you know it's the right thing to do.  You also know that right now you should be texting/emailing/calling your friends and double checking they can make it.

Here is a Free Answer for Wednesday: "Mickey Mantle"

Remember, a healthy brain is a well exercised brain, and trivia is the most cost effective and fun brain gym there is...