Radisson Ale House

Syracuse Trivia presents trivia night @ the Radisson Ale House located at the Radisson Greens in Baldwinsville Every Wednesday night!

  • Trivia begins at 7:00pm on Wednesday get there early for seating and sign ups
  • It’s FREE to play, and there are $100 in PRIZES every night! (Seriously? Yes.)
  • The format is team trivia, teams can be between 1-7 people
  • General knowledge questions on lots of subjects, there’s something for everyone!
  • Bookmark this page and check back for weekly results, themes and other promotions including tournaments

Still have questions? No problem, send us an email! SyracuseTrivia@gmail.com

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1-28-15 Results

Wednesday nights always feel so good.  It was nice to see some new folks joining us for trivia this week.  This was week one of an 8-week tournament, so y'all come back now!

Remember, next week we will be asking PLAYER SUBMITTED QUESTIONS.  Make sure your voice is heard.  Well, it will actually be my voice asking your questions.  :)  Send any questions you would like us to consider (answers are optional, but helpful) to syracusetrivia@gmail.com by 11:59pm this Saturday evening.  Please make sure to mention in your email your team name (so we can fairly distribute the questions) and that you play on a WEDNESDAY so we ask the questions to the correct audience.  The questions should be guessable without expert knowledge of the subject - no impossible questions will be used.

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Wet Bandits

1st Place: Wet Bandits

2nd Place:  The Wizards of Radisson

2nd Place: The Wizards of Radisson

3rd Place:  Parrotheads

3rd Place: Parrotheads

Final Results for the Evening:
(These scores will also serve as your current tournament standings)
1 Wet Bandits 47
2 The Wizards of Radisson 46
3 Parrotheads 45
4 Morgan Squared 44
5 The Rally Aces 43
6 Intellecually Intoxicated 38
3 Generations 38
8 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 28
9 Our Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem 25
Underclubbed 25
11 Drunken Recall 24
Griff's Girls 24
13 The Racers 23
14 The Border Collies 22
15 Spontaneous Human Combustion 20
Better Late Than Never 20
17 Rochelle Rochelle 19
I Thought this Was Speed Dating 19
Blame it On the Dog 19
20 Jaguars 18
21 Nizbo 10

1/28 Free Answer

Quick, can you think of someone who says "I'm not a bar person"?  Now can you imagine them doing really well answering questions? Do you see where I'm going with this?  Yeah, rock their world by showing them that you don't have to be a "bar person" to go out and play trivia.  It's awesome for everyone, so extend the invite and change a friends life...

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Ulysses"

Be the fun person you know that you are deep down, brave the 20 seconds of cold and play trivia!

1-21-15 Results

And here they are...the results from a great week and a great tournament!  NEW TOURNAMENT starts on Wed. 1/28/15!!!  Bring your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors...and your A-game!


Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Better Late Than Never

1st Place: Better Late Than Never

2nd Place:  Wet Bandits

2nd Place: Wet Bandits

3rd Place:  Parrotheads

3rd Place: Parrotheads

Full Results for 1-21-15:
1 Better Late Than Never 92
2 Wet Bandits 90
3 Parrotheads 90
4 Radisson Rejects 88
5 The Good, The Bad, and Ugly 86
6 Griff's Girls 86
7 Black Cat Changing Colors 84
8 Jaguars 82
9 3 Generations 78
10 Underclubbed 69
11 Morgan Squared 62
12 Intellectually Intoxicated 50
13 Intervenious DeMilo 50
14 Lindsay's Favorites 44
15 Drunken Recall 42
16 Crashers 30

 Top Ten Tournament Rankings (after Week 8 of 8):
1 Parrotheads 345
2 Better Late Than Never 329
3 Radisson Rejects 321
4 Underclubbed 319
5 The Jaguars 311
6 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 278
7 Wet Bandits 273
8 Morgan Squared 266
9 Drunken Recall 254
10 Lindsay's Favorites 241

1/21 Free Answer

The world can be divided into 2 groups of people: those who are fun and those who are boring.  Which are you in? (The fun group is the one that comes to trivia)

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "joists"

Now, let's all agree to have a good time tonight by heading out to trivia.  Remember to make sure the ones you care about make it out too, they are counting on your invitation...

1-14-15 Results

It was good to have all the regulars back, and to see some new faces as well.  I hope you ALL enjoyed the trivia tonight, and we hope to see you back next week.  I made a few announcements tonight, let me recap those for you here:

  1. Next week is week 8 of the current 8-week tournament.  To celebrate, we will be doubling all the points.  It will be 2- and 4-point questions, 4-point bonus for your donations to the Boys and Girls Club, 6-point bonus for the impossible question winner and you can wager up to 20 points on the final question.  The winning team will receive a trophy to take home, along with bragging rights for the next 8 weeks.
  2. We will start up a brand new 8-week tournament the following week - trivia is not over!
  3. TV producer Mark Burnett is starting a new primetime trivia game show that will air on ABC and is looking for smarties like you to audition.  Scroll down to the previous post and click on the flyer to read the information.  You need to send an email with your contact information, do a phone interview/quiz, and then you could possibly be hearing back about travel accommodations to California for filming (March?).
And now, here are the pictures of tonight's winners, the complete and final results of the evening, and the all-important current tournament rankings going into finals week!
Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Better Late Than Never

1st Place: Better Late Than Never

2nd Place:  The Original Radisson Gangsters (ORG)

2nd Place: The Original Radisson Gangsters (ORG)

3rd Place:  The Corvettes

3rd Place: The Corvettes

Complete Results for the Evening:
1 Better Late Than Never 48
2 The Original Radisson Gangsters 48
3 Corevettes 42
4 Radisson Rejects 29
The Witches 29
6 Parrotheads 28
Morgan Squared 28
8 Jaguars 26
9 The Wet Bandits 25
10 Underclubbed 24
Intellectually Intoxicated 24
The Good The Bad and the Ugly 24
13 Intervenious DeMilo 23
14 Druken Recall 21
15 Don't Ask Me Because I Don't Know 15
Lindsay's Favorites 15
Young Guns 15
Current Top Ten Tournament Rankings (after Week 7 of 8):
1 Parrotheads 255
2 Underclubbed 250
3 Better Late Than Never 237
4 Radisson Rejects 233
5 The Jaguars 229
6 Drunken Recall 212
7 Morgan Squared 204
8 Lindsay's Favorites 197
9 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 192
10 Intellectually Intoxicated 184

1/14 Free Answer

Most of us want to make our lives better, but how many are taking that big first step of going out to play trivia with friends?

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "North Korea"

Be strong and communicate clearly to your friends that you need some hot trivia action tonight!

TV Auditions

Calling all really smart trivia players!  I was contacted by a casting company that is looking for contestants for a new trivia TV show being produced by Mark Burnett on ABC.  The show is going to consist of Jeopardy! level questions but players can give as many answers as they want in a short period of time, rather than only one.  You need to be pretty knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects and the audition questions are challenging,  I auditioned... I didn't make the cut.  BUT I know that a lot of you know way more than I do, and it would be amazing if a Syracuse Trivia player was on the show.   The details are in the flyer below...unnamed-1

1-7-15 Results

It was good to see you all again.  Thanks for braving the cool temperatures to make it back to the Ale House this Wednesday!  Thanks for bearing with me with my interesting voice tonight - I couldn't not come and hang out with you all tonight!  Below are the results from tonight's trivia, as well as the current tournament rankings after this week 6 (of 8) of the tournament.

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Morgan Squared

1st Place: Morgan Squared

2nd Place:  Parrotheads

2nd Place: Parrotheads

3rd Place:  Better Late Than Never

3rd Place: Better Late Than Never

Full Results from Tonight:
1 Morgan Squared 34
2 Parrotheads 31
3 Better Late Than Never 29
4 Radisson Rejects 29
5 Underclubbed II 28
6 Underclubbed 25
7 Intellectually Intoxicated 23
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 23
The Wet Bandits 23
10 Lindsay's Favorites 20
11 Drunken Recall 19
12 Jaguars 17
13 Big Lou 14
Current Tournament Top Ten Rankings (after week 6 of 8):
1 Parrotheads 227
2 Underclubbed 226
3 Radisson Rejects 204
4 The Jaguars 203
5 Drunken Recall 191
6 Better Late Than Never 189
7 Lindsay's Favorites 182
8 Morgan Squared 176
9 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 168
10 Intellectually Intoxicated 160

1/7 Free Answer

"It's been a long December, and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last."  Too prophetic, those Crows were.  It is January and it's finally TRIVIA TIME!

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "transistor"

Be the awesome new person you want to be in 2015, and that includes going out with your friends more.  See you tonight!

No Trivia on New Years Eve

Hey guys, there won't be any trivia on New years eve,  have fun with all the other activities going on!

Results 12-17-14

It was great to see you all again...it makes me a little sad to know I have to wait until January 7th for our next trivia night.  Happy Holidays to you all - plan on coming back to Radisson Ale House for trivia on Wednesday, January 7, 2015!

Below are the full results for the evening as well as current tournament results.
Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Ten Years in Space and All I Found Was This Frozen Rock?

1st Place: Ten Years in Space and All I Found Was This Frozen Rock?

2nd Place:  Underclubbed

2nd Place: Underclubbed

3rd Place:  Intellectually Intoxicated

3rd Place: Intellectually Intoxicated

Full Results for The Night:
1 Ten Years in Space and all I Found Was This Frozen Rock? 54
2 Underclubbed 52
3 Intellectually Intoxicated 51
4 Radisson Rejects 48
Parrotheads 48
6 3 Generations 47
7 Wet Bandits 46
8 Lindsay's Favorites 45
9 Better Late Than Never 43
10 Morgan Squared 42
11 The Winners 40
The Good the Bad and the Ugly 40
13 Jaguars 39
14 Drunken Recall 37
15 Mary Jo 25
16 Pre-Jaguars 19
Current Top Ten Tournament Rankings  (after Week 5 of 8):
1 Underclubbed 201
2 Parrotheads 196
3 The Jaguars 186
4 Lyndsay's Favorites 182
5 Radisson Rejects 175
6 Drunken Recall 172
7 Better Late Than Never 160
8 3 Generations 147
9 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 145
10 Morgan Squared 142

12/17 Free Answer

Sometimes you just gotta... you gotta get out of the house. And when you do I highly recommend going to play trivia.

Wednesday's Free Answer is:"Bill Nye the Science Guy"

Come see what it's all about on Wednesday night, bring a friend and get there early!


Sorry guys, due to the continued snow, trivia at Radisson Ale House is canceled tonight.

12/10 Free Answer

There's snow on the ground and trivia in the evening! Yes it's happening, put the snow tires on your car, or find a friend who has them and come on out!

Wednesday's Free Answer is "Bromine"

Hopefully you got some time off today, so let's have some fun tonight!    

12-3-14 Results

I thought Christmas Toys was a pretty fun theme.  Perhaps some of those classic toys brought back some memories for you!  Here are the official results from our night of trivia together.  Remember to check back HERE on Wednesday for your free answer to that night's trivia.

Tonight's Winners:

1st Place:  Morgan Squared

1st Place: Morgan Squared

2nd Place:  Underclubbed

2nd Place: Underclubbed

3rd Place:  Snowbirds

3rd Place: Snowbirds

Full Results for the Evening:
1 Morgan Squared 51
2 Underclubbed 49
3 Snowbirds 43
4 Parrotheads 39
5 Druken Recall 36
6 Ten Years In Space and All I Found Was this Frozen Rock? 35
Lindsay's Favorites 35
8 Bunco Babes 34
9 The Good, The Bad, and the Horny 29
The Wet Bandits 29
Jaguars 29
12 Radisson Rejects 28
13 Intervenus DeMilo 26
14 Griff's Harem 25
Better Late Than Never 25
Intellectually Intoxicated 25
17 Jeff and the Two Teddies 21
18 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 20
19 The Racers 18
Current Top Ten Tournament Results (After Week 4 of 8):

These results couldn't be closer!  It is still any team's trophy to win!  Make sure your team is represented each week to maintain your status!

1 Underclubbed 149
2 Parrotheads 148
3 The Jaguars 147
4 Lyndsay's Favorites 137
5 Drunken Recall 135
6 Radisson Rejects 127
7 Better Late Than Never 117
8 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 105
9 3 Generations 100
Morgan Squared 100