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Syracuse Trivia presents trivia night @ the Radisson Ale House located at the Radisson Greens in Baldwinsville Every Wednesday night!

  • Trivia begins at 7:00pm on Wednesday get there early for seating and sign ups
  • It’s FREE to play, and there are $100 in PRIZES every night! (Seriously? Yes.)
  • The format is team trivia, teams can be between 1-7 people
  • General knowledge questions on lots of subjects, there’s something for everyone!
  • Bookmark this page and check back for weekly results, themes and other promotions including tournaments

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Results 12-17-14

It was great to see you all again...it makes me a little sad to know I have to wait until January 7th for our next trivia night.  Happy Holidays to you all - plan on coming back to Radisson Ale House for trivia on Wednesday, January 7, 2015!

Below are the full results for the evening as well as current tournament results.
Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Ten Years in Space and All I Found Was This Frozen Rock?

1st Place: Ten Years in Space and All I Found Was This Frozen Rock?

2nd Place:  Underclubbed

2nd Place: Underclubbed

3rd Place:  Intellectually Intoxicated

3rd Place: Intellectually Intoxicated

Full Results for The Night:
1 Ten Years in Space and all I Found Was This Frozen Rock? 54
2 Underclubbed 52
3 Intellectually Intoxicated 51
4 Radisson Rejects 48
Parrotheads 48
6 3 Generations 47
7 Wet Bandits 46
8 Lindsay's Favorites 45
9 Better Late Than Never 43
10 Morgan Squared 42
11 The Winners 40
The Good the Bad and the Ugly 40
13 Jaguars 39
14 Drunken Recall 37
15 Mary Jo 25
16 Pre-Jaguars 19
Current Top Ten Tournament Rankings  (after Week 5 of 8):
1 Underclubbed 201
2 Parrotheads 196
3 The Jaguars 186
4 Lyndsay's Favorites 182
5 Radisson Rejects 175
6 Drunken Recall 172
7 Better Late Than Never 160
8 3 Generations 147
9 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 145
10 Morgan Squared 142

12/17 Free Answer

Sometimes you just gotta... you gotta get out of the house. And when you do I highly recommend going to play trivia.

Wednesday's Free Answer is:"Bill Nye the Science Guy"

Come see what it's all about on Wednesday night, bring a friend and get there early!


Sorry guys, due to the continued snow, trivia at Radisson Ale House is canceled tonight.

12/10 Free Answer

There's snow on the ground and trivia in the evening! Yes it's happening, put the snow tires on your car, or find a friend who has them and come on out!

Wednesday's Free Answer is "Bromine"

Hopefully you got some time off today, so let's have some fun tonight!    

12-3-14 Results

I thought Christmas Toys was a pretty fun theme.  Perhaps some of those classic toys brought back some memories for you!  Here are the official results from our night of trivia together.  Remember to check back HERE on Wednesday for your free answer to that night's trivia.

Tonight's Winners:

1st Place:  Morgan Squared

1st Place: Morgan Squared

2nd Place:  Underclubbed

2nd Place: Underclubbed

3rd Place:  Snowbirds

3rd Place: Snowbirds

Full Results for the Evening:
1 Morgan Squared 51
2 Underclubbed 49
3 Snowbirds 43
4 Parrotheads 39
5 Druken Recall 36
6 Ten Years In Space and All I Found Was this Frozen Rock? 35
Lindsay's Favorites 35
8 Bunco Babes 34
9 The Good, The Bad, and the Horny 29
The Wet Bandits 29
Jaguars 29
12 Radisson Rejects 28
13 Intervenus DeMilo 26
14 Griff's Harem 25
Better Late Than Never 25
Intellectually Intoxicated 25
17 Jeff and the Two Teddies 21
18 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 20
19 The Racers 18
Current Top Ten Tournament Results (After Week 4 of 8):

These results couldn't be closer!  It is still any team's trophy to win!  Make sure your team is represented each week to maintain your status!

1 Underclubbed 149
2 Parrotheads 148
3 The Jaguars 147
4 Lyndsay's Favorites 137
5 Drunken Recall 135
6 Radisson Rejects 127
7 Better Late Than Never 117
8 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 105
9 3 Generations 100
Morgan Squared 100

12/3 Free Answer

If you think about it, trivia is kind of like a gym membership for your brain.  Except membership is free, you can drink beer and wine during your "workout" and you can win prizes every time you go.  Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, it's way, way better than a brain gym.

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Kelvin"

Hone your mental faculties tonight with your friends at trivia!

11-26-14 Results

Sorry for the delay - lots going on over the Thanksgiving weekend.  It was nice to see your family and friends last week at trivia.  I hope they had a good time.

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Jaguars

1st Place: Jaguars

2nd Place:  Lindsay's Favorites

2nd Place: Lindsay's Favorites

3rd Place:  Underclubbed

3rd Place: Underclubbed

Full Results for the Evening:
1 Jaguars 48
2 Lindsay's Favorites 44
3 Underclubbed 38
4 Parrotheads 33
5 Intervenious DeMilo 32
6 Better Late Than Never 31
Radisson Rejects 31
8 Newfunlounders 29
9 The Sputniks 28
10 3 Generations 27
Wholesome Family Trivia Team 27
12 Intellectually Intoxicated 26
13 The Racers 24
14 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 22
15 Scarf Weather 21
Turkey Trotters 21
17 Mimi's All Stars 18
18 The Hens 17
19 Drunken Recall 16
Current Tournament Top Ten (after Week 3 of 8):
1 The Jaguars 118
2 Parrotheads 109
3 Lyndsay's Favorites 102
4 3 Generations 100
Underclubbed 100
6 Drunken Recall 99
Radisson Rejects 99
8 Better Late Than Never 92
9 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 85
10 The Racers 79

11/26 Free Answer

It's the day before thanksgiving, you NEED to get out of the house.  Get away from the relatives or bring them out with you to show them how we do in the 'cuse, either way you want to be at trivia!

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Firefly"

It's going to be a great show, see you out there!

11-19-14 Results

Hello All!  I am glad to see a little cold and a little snow did not capture you and keep you locked up tight in your house.  As always, it was a good time hanging out with you.  FYI:  We WILL be having trivia, as regularly scheduled, next week.  If you have any company in town for the holiday, feel free to bring them along and show them what this trivia that you always talk about it all about.  (You do talk about how fun trivia is with your friends and family all the time, right?)

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Drunken Recall

1st Place: Drunken Recall

2nd Place:  The Jaguars

2nd Place: The Jaguars

3rd Place:  Parrotheads

3rd Place: Parrotheads

Full Results for the Night:
1 Drunken Recall 49
2 The Jaguars 29
3 Parrotheads 28
4 The Wet Bandits 27
5 I Think I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 27
6 Radisson Rejects 27
7 3 Generations 26
8 Morgan Squared 24
9 Lindsay's Favorites s23
10 Better Late Than Never 23
11 Underclubbed 22
12 The Winners 21
13 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 21
14 Intervenious DeMilo 19
15 Intellectually Intoxicated 18
16 The Racers 16
17 Falcon Punch 14
Top Ten Tournament Rankings (after Week 2 of 8):
1 Drunken Recall 83
2 Parrotheads 76
3 Generations 73
4 The Jaguars 70
5 Radisson Rejects 68
6 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 63
7 Underclubbed 62
8 Better Late Than Never 61
9 Wet Bandits 60
10 Lyndsay's Favorites 58

11/19 Free Answer

Have you ever walked around in public and taken an inventory of how many people were present with those around them, and how many were staring a a glowing hand?  Well if you haven't, let me tell you it's pretty sad.  If you want a break from that, if you want your faith restored in humanity, come play trivia if for no other reason than to see a room full of people NOT using cell phones.

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Northpole"

Come enjoy the company of your friends and a bunch of strangers who all love trivia as much as you do. See you out there tonight!

11-12-14 Results

And just like that, we have started a new tournament.  You have just experienced Week 1 of an 8-week tournament.  So when you come back, use the same team name so I can start to add your points together from week to week.

Tonight's Winners:  
1st Place:  Parrotheads

1st Place: Parrotheads

2nd Place:  3 Generations

2nd Place: 3 Generations

3rd Place:  10 Years in Space and All I Found Was a Frozen Rock?

3rd Place: 10 Years in Space and All I Found Was a Frozen Rock?

Full Results for the Night:
(and Current Tournament Standings)
1 Parrotheads 48
2 3 Generations 47
3 10 Years in Space and All I Found Was a Frozen Rock!? 44
4 The Good The Bad and The Ugly 42
5 The Jaguars 41
Radisson Rejects 41
7 Underclubbed 40
8 The Racers 39
9 Better Late Than Never 38
10 The Snowbirds 35
Lyndsay's Favorites 35
12 Drunken Recall 34
13 Wet Bandits 33
14 The Sputniks 28
15 Morgan Squared 25
16 Better Luck Next Time 22
17 Falcon Punch 20
18 Intravenous DeMilo 19
19 I Think I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 18
20 Intellectually Intoxicated 17
21 We're Just Here To Eat 3

11/12 Free Answer

Let's all just admit it, spending the evening playing trivia with your friends is the best thing you can do with Wednesday night. It's a fact, heck maybe we'll ask a trivia question about it...

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Venus"

We have good things in store for tonight, so push through the daylight hours and get ready for this evening!  

11-5-14 Results

And so we have it...Here are the OFFICIAL Fall Homecoming Tournament Results...as well as the final results for the evening.  Please note, my sincerest apologies, as I did not squint well enough at the tiny cells of the spreadsheet and accidentally made an error with the scores of final question tonight.  I accidentally put a minus sign in front of the wager of Team #5:  MT Nesters, when the minus sign was supposed to be in front of the wager of Team #4:  Refugees from Ebola.  This error has been fixed, as reflected in the official results below.  With the correction of this error, JUST ADD HOPS - come see me next time.  You ended up in 3rd place for the evening, earning a gift certificate which I have for you.

Come back next week - we will start Week 1 of a new 8-week tournament!

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  The Wet Bandits

1st Place: The Wet Bandits

2nd Place:  Radisson Rejects

2nd Place: Radisson Rejects

Not pictured:  3rd Place:  Just Add Hops

Tonight's Results:
1 Wet Bandits 138
2 Radisson Rejects 136
3 Just Add Hops 128
4 Rochelle Rochelle 126
5 MT Nesters 124
6 Jaguars 112
7 Parrotheads 58
8 Underclubbed 2 56
9 Underclubbed 36
10 Industrial Tire 3
11 Viking 0
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 0
Refugees from Ebola 0
Better Late Than Never 0
Sputniks 0
Morgan Squared 0
49 Shades of Grey 0
I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 0
The Winners 0
Lucky Streak 0
Tournament Champions:
Fall Homecoming Tournament Champions:  Radisson Rejects

Fall Homecoming Tournament Champions: Radisson Rejects

Final Tournament Results (Top 20):
Place Fall Homecoming Tournament 2014 Total
1 Radisson Rejects 423
2 The Wet Bandits 356
3 Rochelle Rochelle 310
4 Jaguars 306
5 Parrotheads 301
6 MT Nesters 275
7 Refugees from Ebola 241
8 Better Late Than Never 240
9 UnderClubbed 220
10 I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 213
Morgan Squared 213
12 I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 186
13 Viking 184
14 Just Add Hops 157
15 The Good the Bad the Ugly 119
16 The Racers 109
17 3 Generations 97
18 The Corvettes 70
19 The Winners 63
20 Underclubbed 2 56

11/5 Free Answer

You know what is great about today?  No more political ads.  It's a subtle, but noticeable relief, like when a loud appliance that has been running in the background suddenly stops and you experience a peacefulness that you didn't realize you were missing.  Trivia is kind of like that, but in reverse; until you show up and play you don't realize what you are missing.

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Gorillas".

The fun is happening tonight, we want you to be fun, have fun, and come join us.  See you out there!

10-29-14 Results

What a fun time!  It was a good old-fashioned Halloween PARTY at the Ale House!  Aren't you glad you came?  Didn't you have fun dressing up and being silly?  And a shout-out to Laura W. for planning ahead and thinking to bring in the fun Halloween pencils to jazz up the night even more!  Check out the winner, the scores, and the tournament rankings below, and then keep scrolling to see the fun team photos!  (I apologize if my flower pot and I did not get to your table for a photo.)

Reminders:  Next week is week 8, the final week of the Fall Homecoming Tournament.  To add to the excitement, it's "double points night,"  where all the questions will be worth 2 and 4 points instead of the usual 1 and 2 points.  For the final wager question, you will be able to wager up to all the points earned that night.  And most importantly, our tournament champions will get to TAKE HOME a special handmade Syracuse Trivia Company trophy!

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place: Parrotheads

1st Place: Parrotheads

2nd Place:  Radisson Rejects

2nd Place: Radisson Rejects

3rd Place:  Better Late Than Never

3rd Place: Better Late Than Never

  Tonight's Full Results:
1 Parrotheads 56
2 Radisson Rejects 55
3 Better Late Than Never 51
4 Morgan Squared 49
5 Food Stamps 48
6 I Think I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 45
The Wet Bandits 45
8 3 Generations 38
9 Refugees from Ebola 36
10 Rochelle Rochelle 32
11 Jaguars 29
12 The Racers 27
13 MT Nesters 24
The Winners 24
Viking 24
Seis Amigos 24
17 Late Arrival 21
18 The Old Gizzers 18
19 Underclubbed 17
Fall Homecoming Tournament
Top Ten Tournament Rankings (after week 7 of 8):
1 Radisson Rejects 287
2 Parrotheads 243
3 Refugees from Ebola 241
4 Better Late Than Never 240
5 The Wet Bandits 218
6 I Hope We Win Because Food Stamps Won't Cover Our Bar Tab 213
7 Morgan Squared 213
8 Jaguars 194
9 I Like You But I Might Have Crabs 186
10 Rochelle Rochelle 184
Underclubbed 184
Viking 184
Halloween Fun:

Am I a zinnia or a dahlia?

IMG_4117 IMG_4116 IMG_4115 IMG_4114 IMG_4113 IMG_4112 IMG_4111 IMG_4110 IMG_4109 IMG_4108 IMG_4106 IMG_4105 IMG_4104 IMG_4103

Woooooo....what's that light in the mirror???