Radisson Ale House

Syracuse Trivia presents trivia night @ the Radisson Ale House located at the Radisson Greens in Baldwinsville Every Wednesday night!

  • Trivia begins at 7:00pm on Wednesday get there early for seating and sign ups
  • It’s FREE to play, and there are $100 in PRIZES every night! (Seriously? Yes.)
  • The format is team trivia, teams can be between 1-7 people
  • General knowledge questions on lots of subjects, there’s something for everyone!
  • Bookmark this page and check back for weekly results, themes and other promotions including tournaments

Still have questions? No problem, send us an email! SyracuseTrivia@gmail.com

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Hey folks, we're finally back in Baldwinsville but at a new venue.  Sara will be hosting again and trivia will be at the same time, 7:00pm in the downstairs of Mohegan Manor- Come check it out!

Largest Music Quiz in the Western Hemisphere – Results and winners!

A BIG Thank you to everyone who came out and played in the World's Largest Music Quiz Attempt! You were fun, respectful and on time. We were so impressed. Seriously. As we had mentioned at the start of the event, that on June 7th, an organization in the Netherlands raised the record from 433 participants to 562. Now, if this hadn't happened two weeks ago, we would have broken the record by 26! 459 of you came out to play! Good enough for the new Western Hemisphere Record! Here is your winning team: "The Young and the Rest of Us"
Western Hemisphere's Largest Music Quiz Winners: "The Young and the Rest of us"

Western Hemisphere's Largest Music Quiz Winners: "The Young and the Rest of us"

  Here are your Final Scores:
1 ) the young and the rest of us 64
2 ) The More We Drink the Better We Sing 63
3 ) I Took it in the Eye at Wegmans 63
4 ) Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooter 61
5 ) Trivia Newton John (Table 2) 59
6 ) Twenty-one Twelve 59
7 ) General Sherman's 59
8 ) We Have Norwegian Wood 56
9 ) Victory VS 56
10 ) Don't Go, Jason Waterfalls 56
11 ) More Sax and Violin 54
12 ) Maree Rothbaler 53
13 ) I'll Take Famous Titties for $1000 53
14 ) Your Gun is Digging into My Hip 53
15 ) Ezekiel 25:17 52
16 ) Mimi's Maulers 52
17 ) Camouflage Prophylactics 51
18 ) Nipperary Hill Game 51
19 ) Night Cheese 51
20 ) Beth's Idiots 47
21 ) Handsome Eligible Bachelors and Ted 45
22 ) Hopeless Vagabonds 44
23 ) Hendry Coleman With a Little Cox 43
24 ) Nailed It 41
25 ) Table 20 Notes 41
26 ) The Cleveland Browns Lost By 41
27 ) Drinkers Not Thinkers 41
28 ) Prime Sirloin 41
29 ) If BB King could see us now 40
30 ) Brown Chicken Brown Cow 40
31 ) Formerly known as Video Rangers 39
32 ) #Godsquad 39
33 ) No BS, KD Rules 38
34 ) Kapusta 4 Ever 38
35 ) defending champions 38
36 ) BHM+3 38
37 ) Weapons of Jazz Destruction 37
38 ) Red Hot Trivia Peppers 36
39 ) Pope Francis is My Homeboy 36
40 ) I Got something on my lip from The Blarney Stone 35
41 ) Jesus is Coming 35
42 ) I Want Dale to Bow Tie Me Up 34
43 ) Everything is Awesome Everything is cool when you're part of a team 33
44 ) Nine inch males and Fat Bottom Girls 33
45 ) Beauties and the Beast 32
46 ) Eric Our proctor keeps giving us the answers 32
47 ) Rob Hance Met us on Farmersonly.com 31
48 ) Yak's Place 31
49 ) Hobos 30
50 ) Trivia Newton John (table 4) 30
51 ) Two Eds Are Better Than One 29
52 ) The Doppleganger 29
53 ) Jaguars 29
54 ) Tusky 28
55 ) Tyrannosaurus Jess 26
56 ) I Got a Little Drunk Last Night 26
57 ) Terra Organic Spa 26
58 ) Purple Haze 24
59 ) The Faux Leprechauns 24
60 ) Grandma Can't Wrestle but You should see her box 22
61 ) We Need More Cowbell 21
62 ) B& B's 21
63 ) RBFs 20
64 ) I wish this Mic Was something else 20
65 ) Honeymelons 19
66 ) Gerta's Girls 16
67 ) Watermelon Truffle Butter 13

New Trivia night!

Helllllllooooo Baldwinsville!  So good to be back,  we'll be starting trivia at The Tiki Bar at the Winds of Cold Springs Marina on June 17th, get your teams assembled (or just put it in your calendar and make sure to invite your friends before you show up) These events will be for the summer only and weather permitting, which means when we have trivia, it's going to be a great time!  Check in here before trivia to make sure we're a "go"!

4-29-15 Results

Sorry for the delay in posting the results. I guess I just don't want to admit that trivia night has come to an end for the season.  Congratulations to our Tournament Champion, and to our nightly winners!

While you are on this website, check out the tab for the Guiness World Record trivia event.  This week only, tickets are on sale for $30 for an 8-pack for your team.  Tickets can only be purchased at a Syracuse Trivia Company trivia night, so check out the "When to Play" and "Where to Play" tabs to find out where/when you can buy tickets.

Check back here after golf season to see when we will be starting back up with a new season of trivia.
Tournament Champions:
Tournament Champions:  Rally Aces

Tournament Champions: Rally Aces

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Morgan Squared

1st Place: Morgan Squared

2nd Place:  Mickey D

2nd Place: Mickey D

3rd Place:  Parrotheads

3rd Place: Parrotheads

Full Results for the Evening:
1 Morgan Squared 102
2 Mickey D 98
3 Parrotheads 98
4 Wet Bandits 96
Jaguars 96
6 Rally Aces 94
Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 94
8 Amazaballs 92
9 Underclubbed 90
We Have Puny Brains 90
11 Les Quizarable 88
12 Better Late Than Never 86
Intellectually Intoxicated 86
Corvettes 86
15 Griff's Girls 82
16 Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 66
17 The Naughty Boys 62
18 Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 50
19 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 44
20 Rochelle Rochelle 36
Newton's Know It Alls 36
22 The Racers 18
Top Ten Tournament Rankings:
1 Rally Aces 321
2 Underclubbed 300
3 Jaguars 293
4 Wet Bandits 290
5 Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 284
6 Morgan Squared 277
7 Parrotheads 274
8 Griff's Girls 273
9 Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 268
10 Corvettes 261
11 Mickey D 250
12 Better Late Than Never 249
13 Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 244
14 Intellectually Intoxicated 230
15 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 215

4/29 Free Answer

No one likes to be called a hypocrite, but if you tell others that you're a fun person, and all you do every night is watch TV, you might be a hypocrite.  That's ok, we are all hypocrites a little bit, but today is a great day to start being fun and interesting.  Come out and play trivia with friends, it's way easier to do than you might think, and you'll be funner for it.

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "GTO"

Now set that DVR, get your chores done and prepare to be the fun self that we know you are deep down.

Guinness World Record!

Guinness. World. Record. Have you ever been part of one? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! (And you could win some sweet stuff for participating) Syracuse Trivia Co. is going to be putting on the WORLDS LARGEST MUSIC QUIZ on Friday June 19th and you’re invited to join! The current record stands at 433 players, and we intend to smash it with 700 participants! The only way to be a part of this is by buying tickets in advance for your team. Tickets are sold in packs of 8 for $40 and you can only get them from a host at one of Syracuse Trivia’s locations beginning this week. We only have room for 100 teams, and with over 200 teams that play every week this is going to fill up fast, so get your tix this week! For more info check out this page and the FAQ’s http://syracusetrivianight.com/worldrecord2015/

4-22-15 Results

Radisson Ale House is the place to be on Wednesday evenings!  I hope you all enjoyed the trivia tonight!  A few reminders:  Wednesday, April 29th will be our last night of trivia for a while, as golf season commences.  Remember to check back on this website to see when we'll be starting back up after golf season is over.  Since it is our last week, it will be trophy night, and we'll double all the points.  Also, if you want to jot down any song requests to give to me next week, I will use the time off to update my trivia playlist.

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place: Rally Aces

1st Place: Rally Aces

2nd Place:  Parrotheads

2nd Place: Parrotheads

3rd Place:  Amazeballs

3rd Place: Amazeballs

Complete Results for the Evening:
1 Rally Aces 53
2 Parrotheads 50
3 Amazeballs 48
4 Better Late Than Never 48
5 Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 47
Corvettes 47
Scotty Don't 47
8 Jaguars 46
Griff's Girls 46
Mickey D 46
11 Wet Bandits 44
Newton's Know It Alls 44
13 3 Generations 43
14 Underclubbed 2 41
15 Intellectually Intoxicated 38
Underclubbed 38
17 Just Add Hops 35
18 Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 32
19 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 30
20 Rochelle Rochelle 29
Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 29
Les Quizarable 29
23 Morgan Squared 27
24 Don't Whine 26
25 The Racers 21
Current Tournament Top Ten Rankings (going into the finale):
1 Rally Aces 227
2 Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 218
3 Underclubbed 210
4 Jaguars 197
5 Wet Bandits 194
6 Griff's Girls 191
7 Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 190
8 Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 178
9 Parrotheads 176
10 Corvettes 175
Morgan Squared 175

4/22 Free Answer

I'm giving you permission to take a vacation.  Not from your work, not from your daily life, but from your problems.  We all have them, and we can all check them at the door of trivia night.  That's what's so great about trivia, it's fun time, and leave-you-worries--somewhere-else-time.

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Arrows"

And don't worry about dinner, cause you're eating out tonight!  See you at 7!

4-15-15 Results

There were a lot of people playing trivia this week!  I hope you all enjoyed it.  With April coming to an end, we have just a few more weeks of trivia for the season.  We have just two more weeks of the tournament, which will culminate on Wednesday, April 29th with a double-points night of trivia and a trophy for the winning team.

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Rally Aces

1st Place: Rally Aces

2nd Place:  Les Quizarable

2nd Place: Les Quizarable

3rd Place:  Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't

3rd Place: Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't

Full Results of the Evening:
1 Rally Aces 51
2 Les Quizarable 47
3 Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 47
4 Underclubbed 45
5 The Goonies 42
6 Joey Mom 38
7 Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problems 30
Mickey D 30
Jaguars 30
We're Casual 30
11 Griff's Girls 29
Wet Bandits 29
Better Late Than Never 29
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 29
15 Parrotheads 28
Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 28
17 Morgan Squared 27
18 Corvettes 26
Newton's Know It Alls 26
20 Just Late 25
21 S Troop 23
22 Just Add Hops 21
23 Rochelle Rochelle 20
24 I'm Back To Visit Where the Hell is My Table 18
25 Intellectually Intoxicated 17
The Racers 17
27 We're Here to Learn 13
Top Ten Tournament Rankings (after Week 4 of 6):
1 Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 189
2 Rally Aces 174
3 Underclubbed 172
4 Jaguars 151
5 Wet Bandits 150
6 Morgan Squared 148
7 Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 146
8 Griff's Girls 145
9 Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 143
Rochelle Rochelle 143

4/15 Free Answer

Ugh, it's tax day.  And on top of it, the Titanic sank 103 years ago.  Not a lot to celebrate today, but the weather's slated to be nice, and the winners of trivia tonight qualify to play in the tournament of champions this Saturday.  So we've got that going...

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Plastic Bag"

Help make Wednesday a better day of the week by participating in trivia night.  See yas out there!  


EVERYONE LISTEN UP!  This Saturday, April 18th at noon there will be a Syracuse Trivia Company Tournament of Champions at DG's in Brewerton! There will be a $100 cash prize for first place and a trophy and cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd as well!

The only way to get in is to win a trivia night this week, so don't skip out!

4-8-15 Results

Well if it's going to be cold and rainy, trivia is the best way to deal with that.  Check out tonight's results and the current rankings of our abbreviated tournament.

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't

1st Place: Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't

2nd Place:  Underclubbed

2nd Place: Underclubbed

3rd Place:  Rally Aces (The picture of consistency :) )

3rd Place: Rally Aces (The picture of consistency :) )

Tonight's Complete Results:
1 Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 53
2 Underclubbed 52
3 Rally Aces 52
4 Wet Bandits 51
5 Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 50
6 Jaguars 49
7 Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 46
8 Our Team is At the Masters…and the Two Of Us Suck 45
9 Rochelle Rochelle 44
10 Newton's Know It Alls 39
11 Morgan Squared 32
12 Corvettes 31
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 31
14 Griff's Girls 30
15 The Coasters 28
16 Better Late Than Never 26
Intellectually Intoxicated 26
18 Blind Date 20
Current Top Ten Tournament Rankings (after week 3 of 6):
1 Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 142
2 Underclubbed 127
3 Rally Aces 123
Rochelle Rochelle 123
5 Jaguars 121
Morgan Squared 121
Wet Bandits 121
8 Griff's Girls 116
Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 116
10 Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 115

4/8 Free Answer

Trivia: it's the team sport that everyone can play.  It includes not only drinking, but also eating.  It's a great mental exercise and a social shot-in-the-arm.  When you think about it, missing trivia night makes no sense.  Unless you're sick, that makes sense.

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Bubba Watson"

Don't make the mistake of doing something else, or nothing at all this evening. Trivia is what Wednesday was made for.    

4-1-15 Results

Alright you fools - here are your results from Wednesday's trivia.  We had some new teams this week - we were glad to have you, I hope you had a good time, and hope to see you next week!

Tonight's Winners:
1st Place:  A New Beginning

1st Place: A New Beginning

2nd Place:  Wet Bandits

2nd Place: Wet Bandits

3rd Place:  Rally Aces

3rd Place: Rally Aces

Complete Results for the Evening:
1 A New Beginning 46
2 Wet Bandits 45
3 Rally Aces 44
4 Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 42
Griff's Girls 42
Morgan Squared 42
Mikey D 42
8 Intellectually Intoxicated 41
Hitting Somebody with Your Car Is 41
10 Better Late Than Never 40
11 Corvettes 39
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 39
13 Bruce Jenner's Dress Collection 38
14 Rochelle Rochelle 37
15 Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 36
Underclubbed 36
17 Jaguars 35
Hit It and Quiz It 35
19 Newton's Know It Alls 33
20 We're Casual 31
21 We're Out of Pie 27
22 Parrotheads 26
23 More Tattoos Than Teeth DQ
Top Ten Tournament Ranking (after week 2 of 6):
1 Morgan Squared 89
Morning Wood, Morning Wouldn't 89
3 Griff's Girls 86
4 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 81
5 Rochelle Rochelle 79
6 Mikey D 76
7 Underclubbed 75
8 Jaguars 72
9 Corvettes 71
Rally Aces 71

4/1 Free Answer

April first is here. The sun will shine, pranks will be pulled, you might play a little pac-man on your city maps, your work day will end.  It's slated to be an awesome day, and trivia night is the whipped cream with a green maraschino cherry on top of it ending.

Wednesday's Free Answer is: "Taylor Swift"

AND we have Taylor Swift questions.  Oh look at this, a funny video about taylor swift.  See you tonight!