11/17 Free Answer

A first place winner is out there.  A second place team is out there. No one knows who they are yet, the only way they (you?) will reveal themselves(yourselves?) is by playing a friendly, but oddly competitive game of trivia.  To the winners, the spoils, to all players, a good night out with friends.

Monday’s Free Answer is: “Saks Fifth Avenue”

Remember that trivia is for everyone, so don’t hesitate to invite anyone you think should have a little fun or needs to get out more


11/3 Free Answer!

Did the changing o’ the seasons leave your trivia team with a few open spots?  Maybe it left 6 open spots and you need a whole new group.  Man, if I were in that position and I couldn’t get my old team together, I’d put a hand written note in the break room saying “Trivia player(s) needed to join the most awesome team tonight, see {your name here} for details”. Maybe put a few tear-off tags on there with a phone number. I guarantee that you will either get the people you need, or that you need to find cooler people to work with.

Monday’s Free Answer is: “My Fair Lady

Make Monday fun again, bring some new people into the fold, or just come back if you’ve been on hiatus, we’ll all love to see your face again!