1/26 Free Answer

Not very much in life is free, but trivia night is one of those rare exceptions.  It’s like the best board game you could ever get because it costs you nothing, it comes with an awesome real, live game show host on a microphone, it has an unending supply of new questions and there are real prizes to win.  Why anyone would skip out on this is beyond me.

Monday’s Free Answer is: “We Are The World”

Come cure your Monday stress with a shot of trivia tonight and you’ll be all better for the rest of the week!

11/17 Free Answer

A first place winner is out there.  A second place team is out there. No one knows who they are yet, the only way they (you?) will reveal themselves(yourselves?) is by playing a friendly, but oddly competitive game of trivia.  To the winners, the spoils, to all players, a good night out with friends.

Monday’s Free Answer is: “Saks Fifth Avenue”

Remember that trivia is for everyone, so don’t hesitate to invite anyone you think should have a little fun or needs to get out more