11/23 Free Answer

Do you need to laugh more? Do you need to hang out with friends more? Do you need less time in front of your TV and more time DOING things? Come trivia with us. The questions aren’t the important part, the time with your friends is.

Monday’s Free Answer is: “New Hampshire”

Remember it’s Wing Night too, AND if there is a birthday one your team this week you get bonus points!

11/16 Free Answer

A week is a pretty arbitrary unit of time.  It’s always 7 days but there aren’t always just four of them in a month. Also it’s not based on any sort of natural occurrence like the sun rising, or the phase of the moon.  It’s just something purely made up.  And therefore, since Monday only exists as part of a week, it’s just a made up day.  So why not make it something pretty fun this week?

Monday’s Free Answer is: “Caviar”

Give this Monday the Friday treatment (at least when you get off of work) and head out for some trivia.  If you don’t win, well, at least you didn’t have to make dinner or do the dishes!

(REMINDER- if someone on your team has a birthday this week, Nov. 15-21, your team gets bonus points!  Bring those birthday boys & girls!)